Bootie $

In my quest for fall boots, I’m also looking to replace my ankle-high booties that are uncomfortable for all day (my husband knows that I assign only 2-3 hours to my “supercute goin’-out” Midtown shoes).

Example “supercute” shoes:

If you don’t know the joke behind the word “supercute”, may I refer you to Denise on an episode of What Not to Wear:

TLC “What Not to Wear”

The other shoes should get me through a workday comfortably and maybe out to dinner some nights. 12-14 hour shoes.

I’ve grown weary of stiletto boots for this purpose and am embracing the “new” stacked heel. Therefore- Jonsing over these:

You see it, don’t you?
That $200 price tag.

For the short ones?

With a coupon and my free membership, I can get them down to $140.

I have scoured the web on all my usual haunts: dsw, ann taylor, chicos, macys, dillards..
I even went to What a mess that is:
Pull-on butterfly boots.

Ugh. (Pun intended)

I told you about the worldwide size 9 apocalypse…

Maybe “Clementine” just needs to downsize from brown AND black to just black.

See what I’m doing here?

The Justification…?

Let’s consult the budget and see…

I’ll get back to you…


One thought on “Bootie $

  1. Those are some sexy boots and may I add “Super Cute”. The best justification,,,,,, You get what you pay for. Go with that!!

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