$2Billion and a heart at half mast

It’s that day again.

Every year I cry on this day. My heart is at half mast and I remember where I was.

In traffic, about to get onto I-45 South, listening to AM radio about a plane that hit the first tower.

“Lunatic” were my first words, envisioning a small Cessna of some whackadoodle guy trying to make another statement at the World Trade Center.

We were impervious.

We WERE the United States.

Sure I had heard of other “small attacks” under the Clinton adminstration. The USS Cole..
The World Trade Center.

Were those tests to see how we would respond?

That day at work, there was no streaming video. We grabbed the old tv on wheels and gathered in the hallway in disbelief.

The second plane hit. An audible gasp.

Oh God in heaven.

Then the Pentagon.

The Pentagon.

And Pennsylvania. Thwarted. We all knew that one was headed for the White House.


When would this stop?

Where the hell was our military might?

We were just a few months into the Bush administration after 8 years of the Clinton administration.

Would we have to fight at our own homes with guns, shovels, rocks?

I envisioned having to protect my own home against foreign ground troops. I would die before being raped or having my teeth pulled out by grip tools (Bosnia).

Al Queda used box cutters.

Here we are nearly 8 years after another namby pamby administration. Do you see a pattern?

ISIS is far more powerful and dangerous and has $2Billion in backing. And are taking over refineries. And banks.

And our administration is showing weakness, calling for NATO and the Middle East to “Step Up”.

I always wondered “what if the US stopped being the world police?”

We are on the knife’s edge of that horrible answer.

Even CNN liberal media is showing fear and doubt today about the decision to be neo-isolationist.

My heart is afraid.
We are leaderless.

And the black flag is spreading…


One thought on “$2Billion and a heart at half mast

  1. This speaks volumes, yet there are liberal Americans who are in denial that radical Islam is a threat to our country. They surely forget Hitler and his methods of brainwashing and sparking devotion from his followers. I see a pattern, too.

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