Teaching an older dog

Recovering from endometriosis surgery has renewed my interest in biology.
I have written to researchers at MIT, but in the meantime, I want to learn how cell systems and immunology work.

I want to help find better treatments for this horrid disease besides surgery every 5-10 years or Femara (for cancer that can make the spine brittle).

I sent a note to my marine biologist sister for guidance. “It’s been 25 years. Where do I even begin?”

“Pearson/Campbell Biology ebook, of course!” She said.

So much has changed! Instead of Kingdom

It goes

And there are glowing blue-haired mice and neon green pigs to trace cell activity. Pearson’s 8th edition of Biology-this is your book now.

And the book is on my tablet.

And videos are on youtube.

One thing cool but lagging are the enhanced study items at masteringbioligy.com for $66.

Adobe flash.

Seriously, who still programs in flash?


Ok. I will have my husband put the heavy laptop on the kitchen counter so that I can play along.

The textbook on my tablet is incredible though.

Amazing graphics, zoomable text, I can scribble, make notes, jump to youtube.

Will let you know if that $66 was worth it.

I suspect it was.


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