Fall boot apocalypse

I have feet the size of Clementine (9) but a narrow calf and it happens every year.

Winter fashion boot shortage apocalypse.

My boots from last season were an abysmal failure. I tried going vegan where I could but they were poorly made and fell apart or cut my ankles. I have since learned that ankle width is typically in proportion to foot length :(, so many boots do not fit my legs properly.

Having worked retail shoes, I know that 1 pr of each size is usually shipped to stores, aside from 71/2 which arrives in lots of 2 or 4 boxes. It used to be the most common size for women, it’s now size 81/2, which is dangerously close to 9. I KNEW I wasn’t going mad. The shipments arrive in late July when retailers are wanting to rid shelves of summer.

And Houston is no different.

105 out and boots are on my mind.

By October, the interweb and stores will be out of size 9 across the planet.

I see the first ones in August Vogue which arrives late June and I begin to obsess.

“Thick, stacked heel, platform, side zip…”
The holy grail of 2014/15 boots:

I check the New York retailer bllomingdales.com

“Yea! Suck it stiletto heels!”

I just want to pet those beautiful boots…

And, then sticker shock:$1,350

I could build wells in Africa for that.

That’s obscene…

So, I head to the Poshmark app:
And type in “chunky heel boot”

I would be embarrassed to attempt to sell these.

Panic begins to set in…

I go to ebates.com
and search dsw.com.
Pretty close. Notice “only 5 left!”
And it’s still August.

And it comes in brown.

And I have a coupon code SHOPFALL

and a reward $10

2 pair of leather boots for $163 (less with rebates).

Apocalypse averted.

That was close!


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