$50 lipstick that’s worth it

Before you judge, hear me out.

I am ever in search of the perfect jean, navy blazer and red lipstick.

Here’s this gem:

Available here;

Ebates.com search for Ulta.com

But really, I would pay full price. I shudder to think of how many horrid lipsticks and stains I have tried over the years (even beets-which are the devil) that only dried out my lips because of all the pigment.

Not this one. Velvet Rope comes in several great shades-Black Tie is supposed to be bluish and it looks fab and is creamier than Burt’s Bees or Chapstick. It doesn’t even have to go on precisely-looking stainy looks good too.

I even entertained the thought of cutting it and selling bits on ebay but not now.

It’s a keeper and worth every creamy penny.

This is one of those times that if it’s in your budget, you should get it.

I’m getting Nude next.

Not literally.

Just the shade.


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