Friday I went shopping at Whole Foods looking for healthy babyfood.

I also took photos of the electric car spot for a future post:

No, I’m not pregnant; it’s for upcoming abdominal surgery #6 or so for endo and leaky gut.

Notice the fine diagram below:

Basically, the endo lesion or blister burrows into places it shouldn’t, creates roots, and makes holes.

When food travels to the gut, it leaks into the abdomen, causing an allergic reaction, because pancakes.

The body is expecting things like Niacin and Riboflavin, not bits of whole food. It sends out the immune system to defeat whole pancake:

So many foods have leaked through, that my body now has an allergic reaction to almost ALL food.

I joke with my husband that I’m from KPax: “I DO love your produce!”…

I tend to get really nauseous after a long surgery and can only eat tiny amounts of food afterward-a few Tablespoonfuls.

As a pre-diabetic, carbs wreak havoc on my body-yes, even salad is bad for me unless I become a marathon runner-that won’t happen anytime soon because all that bouncing hurts. I’m not exactly built like Kate Moss, so I’ll just leave it at that…

So…what healthier place to find babyfood…




I could not BELIEVE the amount of carbs in babyfood. Hardly any protein-all fruit or veggies and fruit and PASTA?! The meager bits of chicken or turkey I found were mixed with pasta, fruit or sugar peas! SUGAR AND MORE SUGAR!!!

Moms out there, please tell me what you did for protein for your babies. Beef in a blender? Chopped chicken? Flattened fish? Twirled turkey?

Today, I sampled the “turkey dinner”. Tasted like sugar peas plus sugar to me. Yuck!

Are you kidding me?! THIS is what our kids are eating?

I’m thinking I may have to ask chef Frank if he could whip up some chicken, beef purees for me instead of stockpiling this sugar labeled as baby food.



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