We did it!

Esther the Wonderpig now has the $ to buy her sanctuary! Just before her Birthday July 1st.

Wow-the power of the internet @ indegogo.com

I’m stunned and happily surprised!

I was concerned that Esther’s dads would have to go into debt for this place. Now they don’t. A true blessing.

What made the fundraising easy?

Animals-always innocent, we love animals.

Humor-the story behind it is so funny. 2 years ago, 2 Canadian guys decided that they wanted a teacup piggy and ended up with 540 lbs of pink, loveable, potty-trained hog instead. Perhaps we’re thinking “oh thank God it’s not me! Here’s a few $$’s…”

Social media-they have FB, youtube, estherthewonderpig.com, indegogo, Ellen Degeneres show. I am a fan on FB, so I shared the story on FB, tweeted on Twitter, and posted on suzewannabe.com.

Wise sellers on the internet use Paypal to make it easy to purchase or donate. Who wants to sign up for ONE MORE DANG SITE, fill in an address EVERY SINGLE TIME? not me.

Pigs, Paypal and a passion for animals gets my vote. 🙂


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