Collectibles probably won’t make you rich

Christmas 1976.

Ballerina Barbie. Best toy ever.

Relatives used to say “hang onto your Barbies, they’ll be worth a lot!”


(Do people still use this word? I mucked stalls Sunday…)

In 1976, this doll cost $9.75, about $43 today (things were actually MORE expensive because of Inflation).

Today, on ebay, in mint condition, she goes for about $28.

What if I had been a really smart kid and invested $10?


In my previous post, I mentioned a by-chance rescuing of a box of sports collectibles from the Salvation Army. Baseball cards were my ex’s retirement plan. The main reason he is my ex. Childish, get-rich-quick, live-for-today. Ugh.

Nothing is worse than being trapped in a marriage where one or both feel financially insecure. There were so many nights I couldn’t sleep, worrying that I would be 85 and scrubbing floors.

As my now wonderful husband and I sort through these for a buyer, I look a few up on the internet and shake my head. Ugh. NOT worth thousands…

These are toys. Meant to bring a person joy.

This is not a retirement plan:

Sure, you see people who get lucky with cards or things on Antique Roadshow, but it’s rare.

And it’s not much. $64,000 for a rare card the elderly lady got on ebay might be a year of expenses.



I’ll be happy to get this collection out of my life and in the mail to someone who will love it.


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