Perfume for less

I do love a new perfume, but I find that if I have an entire bottle of it, my nose stops smelling it, so I love samples! The latest one I’m Jonesing over is Signirina by Ferragamo.

One of my favourite gifts from my sister a few years ago was a collection of about 20 little perfume sample vials.

You can get them from Sephora or Nordstrom but it’s polite to only ask for maybe 3 at a time. I do this because I really have no idea what perfume will do on my skin- usually it turns to smell of baby powder. I feel less fancy when I smell like a baby…

How about magazine paper samples?

Hah! I found the recipe below, and don’t you know I’m going to try it.

My husband is worried: “I’m imagining experimental vials all over the apartment…”

I’ll let you know how it turns out when the plastic spray bottles get here..


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