When your credit card number gets stolen

It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Your credit card number will be stolen.

Not the card, the number.

You see charges on your credit card that are suspicious.

I noticed 2 today-purchases that occurred during a conference in April.
The credit card company noticed 1 more that happened just days ago.

It has happened to me several times over 25 some-odd years, so I don’t panic.

It used to be small amounts like $0.17 and that sent alerts to the companies. Now thieves just flat out charge amounts similar to your normal spending, hoping you won’t catch it.

Here’s what to do:
1. Call the merchant listed and ask what items were purchased. (In my case it was baby stuff-um, I have no small kids) and a spot-bot (I have wood floors and no pooing pets).
2. Call the credit card company
3. Press 00000 repeatedly (it’s called “zeroing out” and gets you out of computer-lady-hell).

She sounds annoyingly like my ex mother-in-law, but I digress…

4. Ask to speak to the fraud department because of suspicious charges.

5. The credit card company will handle from there.

6. Be sure you have identity theft insurance. Lifelock is good, I use Zander insurance because it’s a bit less a month and protects you in case a relative stole your ID.

So how in the world did my number get stolen?

I’m spastically protective of ID, receipts etc.
There is a technology that allows thieves to grab the information off your magnetic strip while still in your wallet or purse. It’s called RFID or radio frequency ID. My card did NOT have the RFID signal icon on it so I thought it was safe.
This is how it works:

Thinking back, it had to be someone at the conference. There were thousands there, so who knows?

I did get advice to get a metal card carrier and in the video is a suggestion for the Signal Vault for $15. I have asked for a computer chip on the new card. I may not carry it if it doesn’t have it, plain and simple.
*Get the smart chip on your cards.
*Get “Signal-Vault”
for a wallet, aluminum card carrier for a purse (ladies’ wallets have the cards splayed out).
Also avail on amazon.com
*Ladies, stack your cards with Signal-Vault and carry fewer cards.
*Sign up @ Zanderins.com
*Watch your statements carefully.


2 thoughts on “When your credit card number gets stolen

  1. Hey Suzewannabe. My credit card was recently stolen as well (I mentioned it to you in passing). Ironically enough, the fradulent charges were made at a Target in Houston. I’m suspecting it was a “skimmer” device at a gas station. Or it could have been the Target data breach.

    Anyway, have you tested the Signal Vault card? I’m still a bit skeptical…

    1. Yes-I have the Signal Vault now but I also have a stacked wallet and foil inside it. I have heard that Signal Vault doesn’t work for some but no data about it. Apparently there are wallets with metal mesh built in available.

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