Cash price for Rx? less hassle

I had a bit of a medical meltdown on Tuesday night.

Every few months I sort through my vast array of supplements and Rx’s AM and PM and organise for 3-4 months at a time.

I realised that I was nearly OUT of a very important med and I began to panic. Each CVS I phoned “couldn’t find it” and one (in Madea voice) “li’l girl” @ CVS was downright rude when I explained I needed it to prevent seizures. She nearly said “meh”. In her next life, may be a cockroach…

I remembered that I could go online to and there it was:90 day supplies “on file” – each of needed Rx. On a whim, I asked the cash price of the remaining 2 months-they were only $4 more then hassling with insurance and being at the mercy of slow mail-order and 1Rx a month. For $15 copay vs $19 cash/ month, sooo worth less hassle.

Up yours OptumRx!

I’m taking back control as I am a grownup and can handle 90 days of generic meds. Ptthhh!

So-to have 90 days on hand and reduce hassle, consider asking for the cash price of the remaining 2 months. You may get a blank stare (i can “see” these on the phone with the awkward pregnant pauses. But keep at it, insist, be nice.

Claim your health! No one else is as interested in it as you.

You are welcome 😉


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