The Easter hat

If you are sentimental and a hopeful romantic like me, then perhaps this time of year you think of …


Those gorgeous things from “My Fair Lady” and “Meet Me In St. Louis”.

One week before Easter and my kind husband indulges me in some hat shopping for Easter. First stop-Dillards. The lady asks if I’m shopping for a upcoming Derby and offers opinions on several hats. The price-tag seems steep @ $75 plus tax for just a day.

Perhaps Macy’s.

Slightly better prices $66 and I’m thinking that they are an extra 20% off.. I try in 3. And send snaps to my husband…

I could wear this one but not often.

I could wear this one for Easter AND for pool and ranch to shield my vampire complexion. Maybe too fancy. But we DO live in the South.

Fuscia! I LOVE this colour and bring it to the counter, expecting to pay less than $50.

The girl behind the counter, unable to make the connection between sales and her job, informs me that “everything is on sale ‘cept hats”…

She was either chewing gum or had the same droll, disaffected tone of doing so…

I left and went to JCP. There it was-the hat with potential! Needed a pretty bow or something. $19
Michael’s craft store on Monday. $9/roll for wired ribbon.
Armed w SnipSnap app coupon.

This morning, I woke early for sunrise service and my hair looked like the Bay City Rollers-gah! Thank goodness I had a hair tie and an Easter hat.

The $24 Easter hat that got so many unexpected compliments today:

I feel like a million…

Let’s go to a derby so I can drink a mint julep and curse like the British!


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