Chef’s da bomb!

It’s been about a month and I am LOVING my meals I get from Chef Frank.

Every Monday or Tuesday, he brings me 10 meals for the week-lunch and dinners.
Shrimp rosemary, chicken poblano, tailapia, crab cakes.
It’s all wonderful.

Many weeks I have extras because of provided salads at work, not hungry, etc and so occasionally, I have “dinner” for me and my husband.

He loves the meals as much as me, so we think we may have the perfect balance of small foods that we get at the market-yogurts, nuts, eggs, berries, pre made salads combined with our lovely Chef Frank meals for dinner.

Totally worth it-my stress level has plummeted.

We have a mini cafe at work but the offerings are highly processed or iceburg-lettuce-laden salads. The salads and yogurts are wiped out by Thursday.

So, for those of you who read my blog in Houston, I highly recommend him. Figure out what you are worth/hour and consider letting Frank do the magic.

Did I mention that he delivers right to your house or office?



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