So how did that chef thing turn out?

In a word-amazingly!

Having a professional fix some salads, lunches and dinners is life-changing. My stress is lower and I have more time to do things like the budget, home organization and visit with my husband.

Chef Frank Triola makes salmon, tilapia, wasabi brussels sprouts, spicy green beans and delicious salads. He cooks them close to my workplace and delivers on Monday mornings.

I eat the fresh stuff first and freeze some things for later in the week.

Everything has labels with calories, WW points etc..

The grocery shopping that I do maybe 1/mo now is for my husband and it is a joy rather than a chore now.

I could even see that I may only need lunches at some point but for now, this is super.

My consignment clothes are all organized and ready to sell, the filing paper mess of 2 households are sorted, filed and labeled.

The condo is getting spiffy and I’m feeling happy and in control of my life.

If you are thinking about this, there is a site to try:

There are various price ranges, styles, allergy alerts to choose from too.

Latee-freakin’ glad I did this!


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