Q of $Million for tatoos?!

I’ve seen them on Pinterest and people I know. The tribal ones like below are kinda cool.

My coworker told me about the new “tramp stamp” on RhiRhi and Ms. Kardashian (omg).

Let’s just keep our shirts on, okay?


It got me wondering-“waste of money?”

Simple tattoo:
Compounded over 30 years:
Meh-ok not super convincing…

Intricate sleeve tattoos, both arms and legs:
$2000 ea. * 4


Nearly a quarter of a MILLION $.

In friggin’ tattoos.

If I were young, single and meeting these fine fellows on match.com, I would KNOW that he is bad with money AND RUN

I had totally forgotten that my EX had one on his leg-part of why he’s my EX. He was bad with money.

Is it worth it to wear your heart on your sleeve or neck or leg or wherever?

I totally get counterculture and love punk, metal, emo, mosh pits and all that.

I have lost many loved ones too and and can now see Nargyles.

And I also get living like no one else now so that I can live and GIVE like no one else later.

God help you if you FINANCED tats.

Quarter of a MILLION.

And you can’t give any of it to those in need because you “had to express yourself” and you’re broke.


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