Wasting time..& $4000

Saturday afternoon.

At Xfinity store.

And yes, it’s almost as bad as the DMV.

Nope-worse now-screaming kids and saleslady with major attitude. I think I’ve seen her on SNL…

And a pissed off guy just walked out with a cable box shaking his head and muttering.

We are here just to pick up a cable box for basic cable that’s provided already with our HOA.

I counted the number of possible households represented here. About 30.

At $129/mo for tv, that’s about $4000.
On a beautiful spring day.

If it wasn’t for the possibility of sports for my husband and Bravo tv for me, we may have gone back home to our rabbit ears.

Kill me now.

Or perhaps offer me 2-3 glasses of white wine…


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