LaTe Freakin’ Da!

A personal chef.

I’m looking for one and I’m dead serious.

I can just hear Chris Farley as the motivational speaker, Matt Foley, saying “Well, La Tee Freakin’ Da!”

With my food allergies and endometriosis, I am totally overwhelmed food-wise. I’m “crying Uncle” and realise I need serious help in the kitchen.
To justify this, I wanted to know what my hourly time is worth. This is a pretty helpful link to explain:

Basically-what is the time cost for your job vs.salary?
Hours involved for work each week:

Grocery shop:1.5
Lunch prep and cooking:5
Job:37.5 (I work for a Canadian-Chinese company)

No wonder I’m tired.

Now, take my income minus all the costs associated with that job: suits, dry cleaning, car mileage.
Dry Cleaning:$320/year
Mileage:@24 mi/day @ 37 weeks $2486/year

How much is my time worth?

For ease of calculating, let’s use
After taxes:
After work costs:
$61,000 ~

61000/37 weeks ~ $1650/week

Lunch prep, shopping is 5 hours


If I could find someone to shop and make weekly meals for $153 or less, it’s a good deal.

Plus, what us the value of getting 5 hours/week back?
Or NOT having to go to Whole Foods?

I did a quote request on and got 2 quotes.
The one I’m going with is $150/week and they deliver.



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