Buying doubles

I have been known to buy multiples of various things:

The elusive wide-legged white trouser or white pencil skirt.

Navy blazers.

Cashmere sweaters on clearance.



Is it hoarding or buying time in the future?

After watching an episode of “What Not to Wear” and doing a huge closet purge, I was very conscious of groceries today and used the little cart.

I have gotten myself in trouble in the past when my head says “oh, I can always use Quinoa”


“if I get a stain in this skirt, I will have a backup”…

But, y’all, living in Midtown Houston, real estate is at a premium in our condo.

No room for KeeNo and spare trousers that I rarely wear here…

Besides, I can hear Stacy and Cli’en teasing me about multiples. ” Oh, guuurl, you got them un err’ry colour!”

So today at Randalls, I was super; only buying what I would eat for the next 2 weeks, knowing that we’re going to have a chili feed at work and that I will go out a few times with mah girls!

And that the above was a run-on sentence…


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