Drive or Fly?

As a math nerd, I love to use online calculators.

I heard of the Drive or Fly calculator on

Having driven the Houston to Dallas route many times, a few with dogs…I decided to play along….

It’s 4 white-knuckle hours of 80mph bumper to bumper with speed traps.

I recall getting pulled over once in Austin with kiddos in the back. After the cop came to the window and wrote the ticket, my then 3 year old nephew said ” Aunty! Why he did not shoot us?”

Still makes me laugh.

Anyway, back to nerdville…

I put in all the required info and it showed me side by side the cost comparison.

okay, so it appears that driving is the better option.

It would be better if they asked # speed traps along the way. There are at least 3 (Ennis for one-population 10. 2 cops and their families).

A speeding ticket would cost about $200.
And they are not so friendly.

I’m afraid they might pull me out of my car and stretch me…

A stop at Buc-ees to use clean restroom get some snacks and tacky Texas stuff: $25. Pose with animated Buc-ee
20 minutes

A night of dinner and drinks to relax jangled nerves-$100

You see that I am justifying NOT driving here….

Verdict: needs to include hassle factor in there somehow…


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