DIY hair-el beuno, el malo y el frizzy.

I cut my own hair these days.

What?! Really?! Gasp!


Because I looked at my expenses for 2013 and was looking at areas I could cut (pun heh heh) to direct that money towards helping someone in 2014.

El Malo:
In a previous post, I promised I would tell the story of losing all my hair @18:

My vision:

I would be Daryl Hannah and loved and etherial and mysterious…to the first guy I fell in love with…

My hair was bleached and bleached and bleached with many years of Nice ‘ N’Easy hair colour and I had NO IDEA about hair texture, porosity, chemistry etc…

Salons and skiing were for rich kids.

It was a Saturday and I lived with my sister and relatives. I asked my sis if she would give me a home perm after my jog that evening. I could hardly wait to be a jogging mermaid before I became Jane Goodall’s understudy, of course. Life would be grand!

Time to rinse my hair in the sink and remove perm curlers.

Clumps of wavy bleached hair began to fall into the sink.

We were mortified.

I cried.

El Frizzo
It was about this bad-even after a trip on Sunday morning to Fantastic Sam’s

carpet hair:

El Bueno:

When I got my first job, I started going back to the salons and my hair improved. The bill continued to skyrocket. One session cost nearly $300. Most of the time, it’s hovered around $200.

A lot of dough every 6 weeks, not to mention the hassle and time.

Youtube is one of the best inventions! millions sharing their knowledge. I found 2 super ones for bangs and my own hair. I still get the colour done professionally, but the cuts are simple:



I actually got compliments from one of my trendy coworkers yesterday.

I’ve been cutting it myself since summer and at $55 per cut, I’ve saved probably $471 with tip.

It’s going to a good cause. A different kind of locks of love 🙂

.I have babyfine hair that’s like cobwebs sometimes but it does lend itself to DIY cuts since the style is long and layered with sideswept bangs


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