Hamsters and Terminators

Termination notices.

If you’ve never received one of these lovelies in the mail, you haven’t lived and may deserve a trip to Bora Bora….

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It’s been many years since I’ve seen one but I cannot forget the sting of them.

I was a good, responsible person who had married someone who was a child with money.

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It seemed endless. One if the many reasons I ended my first marriage were these disconnect notices.

Near the end, and after enduring a few hurricanes and no utilities for weeks on end, I listed those bills I cared about (mortgage, car, student loans) and those I could live without.

I had gone into survivor mode against termination notices.

image modified from vectors.umvblog.org

TV-meh. I had no idea about the housing collapse since I was hiding under the stairs with my 2 dogs post Hurricane Ike.

Water-I could take showers at work and get coffee on the way.

Electricity-I had a propane gas grill and blow dryer at work, tho the pool suffered greatly after Hurricane Ike.

Trash service-ok this one might have been an issue…unless 1AM on a Wednesday dressed darkly…

image modified from tvworthwatching.com

I knew that my ex would never let the electricity or tv go despite the BIG RED LETTERS.

He had to have TVs going in EVERY room with Nascar. Even the garage.

Yes, I’m serious.

I spent more and more time at Ross…but that’s another post.

I made sure my name was taken OFF those bills and then I let go and let God.

The utilities were never turned off then but the worry was spectacular.

and it’s fabulous now that all bills are paid on time.

now I have the life of a unicorn:

image from socialwell.org



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