There’s a Swedish Fish for that!

1974 and the tooth fairy had come in the night leaving 25 cents under my pillow!

Saturday was movie matinee day and theaters allowed kids to bring a sack of candy.

With my quarter in hand, I would walk with my siblibgs to the backyard of a neighbors house, down the dirt trails, across the “crick” (it was Utah, I apologise. I also still say ‘potato bug’)…

up the next dirt trail to Kings grocery store.

Within easy reach of germy hands and floor dust were the delightful array of “penny candies”:

There were many that probably had a low germ count because no kid in a right state-of-mind would touch them:

buttons on sheets

The cool, germ-laden candy:

*miniature plastic sleeves of malt-balls
*raspberry-shaped gummies in yellow
*wax cola bottles filled with syrup

and the mother of all penny candy:

image modified from

I would mull over the same candies each time and always pick the swedish fish.

The man at the counter would put them in a small white sack and fold over the top. A perfect little bundle of sugar that i would savour during the films.

I had no idea of the value of money at this age. The 25 cents then is worth $1.18 today.

That’s alot of dough when I’m looking at the new 2014 grownup “candy store” (app store or google play store).

For less than a bag of swedish fish, I can buy someone else’s creation that makes my life better.

Sleep cycle app

This little baby is a super alarm for those of us who struggle with mornings.

I love the gentle alarm sounds and fall-asleep help (‘Marimba’ no more!)

Mostly I love that i just have to touch the phone to snooze.

The point of all this?

I realise now that paying for some apps can be a good thing for something that is fun, helpful and rewards someone for doing a good job.

And doesn’t give me cavities…


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