Fever Pitch

I’ve had a gross cold all weekend and today is no exception.

My left tonsil is swollen like a grapefruit and it hurts to talk but I need my voice today @ 2:30 to give a pitch to my leadership team to match money we donated for a university endowment fund.

photo from swotti.com

My husband and I feel strongly about helping our next generation of geologists. It’s the legacy part of handling money, which makes me think

I’m Dowager Grantham with long necklaces over a bad bra…

from pbs.org

There’s a bit of a tough hit geology students get in the summer of their junior year: field camp. it’s expensive $4,000 and it eats away at earning tuition $. Total cost to the student is around $10,000.


The summer I was dealt this nasty hand, I could not even get a job as night janitor at McDonalds because it was mid July and so I had to wirk during school as a maid at a haunted hotel-swear. Another post…

I felt almost as low as when all my hair fell out from a home perm @ age 18, but will be yet another post….

Here’s a teaser:
It was far worse than this:

from awkwardlychic.com

So, I’m drinking Chinese tea with stevia and saving my voice for then. It will involve pictures of Butters from South Park (because my husband thinks he looked like him as a kid) and graphs and things…

from southparkstudios.com


Maybe I should PRO it up a bit…


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