A $250 hair dryer? Are you kidding?

Suposeblee, this Harry Josh dryer is the dryer to end all dryers:

It retails for $300 but I got mine @ hairenvy.com for $275 with tax.

The reviews are outstanding and usually 5 stars:
“life changing” stood out.

Skeptical, I bought one and did a full, nerdy scthiencth experiment:

My old dryer-an ionic “max” 1875 watt dries my hair in 41/2 minutes and gets so hot that I feel I’m having hot flashes and atop Mount Doom. I sweat, then my fine hair sticks to my face and neck like wet spiderwebs.

It irritates me to no end.

And makes me say things that would make my grandmother blush.

The HJ dryer dried my hair in 21/2 minutes with warm but not hot air.

*2 minutes saved
*no sweating

I thought I was buying it to save time, but it’s the wonderful lack of sweating that I love.

Life changing.

And worth every penny.


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