Darth Orman said “no”…

The estimate for tear-out and install of the dream tub came back.

$2000 fir the tub


We don’t have the cash saved up for that yet.

My husband was even willing to forgo his main xmas gift to cash flow this before we knew the answer. So sweet.

We discussed this morning and made the decision together to not do this.




Darth Orman:”Difficult to stand in your truth it is…”

*pause for Darth breathing* …

Me:”yes. we will not borrow $ to do this.”
*I feel that twinge and sadness that accompanies ‘no’*

I have an alternative idea:
Go to our condo association and ask that the community hot tub be turned on by request.

We can do that.

And save up for the tub for next year….


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