Call the Waaambulance!

My bathtub is made for children.

I’m 5’7 ” longshanks” Swedish Euro-mutt and I fit just barely to soak a little and watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for 40 minutes on my tablet.

(I know-Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina..)

As a newlywed and and a 40ish lady with an injured back, I want a garden tub for 2.

I mean I NEED one, right?
* Investment in my marriage
* Investment in my health

There’s this super cool whirlpool from leisure concepts that would be perfect called Nimbus 4000 or something:


The tub itself is about $2000.

We’re waiting on the install estimate.

And I’m afraid.

Because it involves plumbing, temporarily moving the toily, and electrical and much more than duct tape.

And I need to pay my insurance.

And I haven’t saved up for this tub.

And my Feng Shui outlook starting in February, says NO renovations in that sector or the violence and robbery star will activate.

Time, money and chi are not on my side here.

My inner voice, who sounds a bit like Darth Orman, asks ” Is this a want or a need?”

*pause for Darth Orman breathing*

Me: “errr…a want… :/”

Darth Orman: “Have you saved the cash for this ‘toy’?”

Me: “Emmm.. nooo. This means I would have to wait A WHOLE YEAR?!” *Commence tears*

Darth Orman:
*again the breathing thing*

Darth Orman:”Perhaps….
“…call the waaaambulence!”


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