“Write!”, Robot cats and Doy!

New Year’s Day, 2014.

7 AM

and the world is not quite up yet.

I daydream sometimes that I am an artsy writer in a cool house on Cape Cod with a pottery mug of coffee and a sweet, dog-like cat on my lap as I type….

The truth is, I am a scientist and math nerd with an iphone, a view of downtown Houston and some free time in the morning. (I had a robot cat once named Scotty when I lived alone. One day, Scotty hissed at me whilst on my “writers lap”. Who programs that into a robot cat?!…)

I digress….

***Robot cat by Hasbro available at amazon.com***

**The writers nest in H-town…**

I have many people who guide me when I feel stuck, including a life coach. Yesterday, upon expressing some frustration about not being able to write as often as I would like, she said “so write!”. (She’s very insightful and I pay her for my “doy!” moments”).

It’s my “doy investment fund” and one of the best purchases I made in 2013.

So dream!




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