Forget 50 Shades, Get Hypothyroidsim, Health and Happiness; you won’t be able to put it down

My entire life, I have been plagued with sickness.

Cracked feet as a kid meant no swimming in summer but Star Trek on the sofa.
Road trips meant vomiting, fever and hives.

Penicillin treatment started early at age 3 or so and kept going, ruining my digestive tract and further ruining my immune system and possibly causing leaky gut syndrome and the food allergies I have today.

Excruciating endometriosis started at age 10 and cut my sickly childhood short.

Graves’ disease at age 21 was great to keep weight off but the goiter wasn’t pretty. I still remember the nurse bringing me the “atomic cocktail” while she wore a moon suit and lead gloves.

A tumor at age 27 caused me to have a hysterectomy and no kids.

Malrotation of the intestines ( the thing that killed the little girl actress in Poltergeist) caused more abdominal pain and the ” you gotta see this!” from my surgeon to his residents.

So why do I list all these things and what does that have to do with money?

I recently made the decision that I am DONE with conventional doctors, insurance companies and the like.
I went to the Hotze Health and Wellness center and am getting my life back and have just read the newest book Hypothyroidism, Health and Happiness. I attempted to read “50 Shades” and found it to be so unrealistic (please let’s at least give Ana cramps for God’s sake) that I couldn’t finish it. THIS book, I couldn’t put down.

The cost is around $4000 to get started at Hotze but worth every penny.

Today would I use a credit card to do it? Or maybe a personal loan from a credit union?


I haven’t felt this good in over 10 years.

Suze Orman talks about the laws of attraction- when I feel good I feel powerful. When I feel powerful, I attract money to me.

Dave Ramsey talked about the hassle-factor a few days ago to a couple considering buying a newer car. He said “at some point, the repairs and risk of being stranded is a hassle that outweighs the cost of a newer one.”

While he did not recommend going into debt to do it, looking back, I wish that I had gone to the Hotze clinic sooner and saved so much hassle and become more powerful.

It has also bought me time.

I am no longer a slave to doctor appts that my company frowns upon,
that are on the other side of the city,

that have screaming brats

and old sports magazines

and dismissive doctors.

I am no longer a slave to “normal” thyroid levels where I still gain weight for no reason because my tsh is in the “normal” range of the last 1000 sick people that came through a lab.

I am no longer waiting in long lines after work @ CVS with only 30 days of Rx.

Tallying up the time:3 appts/ mo. Each one a half day is 18 days per year!

CVS 30 mins 6x/ mo is 36 hours/ year!

What is your health worth?
What is your time worth?


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