When to splurge

I often think about the “can I afford it?” Section on Suze Ormans show Saturday nights.

In looking for the perfect outfit for my upcoming wedding, I have been obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s vintage-inspired suit.

And I couldn’t find it anywhere. Panic.

I looked at patterns. I looked online everywhere. Nothing

I would have to settle. : / and bought something that would “do”.

On my day off, I decided I would go to the Galleria in Houston.

Stop 1 was Saks 5th.

I’ve never bought anything here before.

The staff was great and I knew my price range. Rosemary was my super helper and we talked fashion. She knew my pointy shoes to the year. 1945 inspired. She walked me around various boutiques inside the store. At $4000, the gorgeous Escada dress was definitely out of my comfort zone. Even when she said “aw, but its your wedding day” to which I replied “we’ll, yes but I would rather spend that money towards a retirement house”. “Good point”, she said.

And then. There they were. A jacket and a dress with the right colour and silhouette. And there she was, Carrie, getting ready to marry her Big. I felt pretty and it didn’t matter that I’m not a size 2.

And relieved.

The question was “could I afford it?”

* do I have revolving credit card debt? No.
* do I have an emergency fund with at least 8 mo expenses in liquid? Yes
The only debt I have is the mortgage on my condo.

It’s not a matter of deserve or making silly exceptions for a wedding day, its a matter of can I afford it.

Young ladies might hear ” it’s your wedding. It only happens once.”

One would hope, but we live longer, we change…

As the tailor put in pins, I heard my fiancĂ©’s voice “get something that makes you feel beautiful”. And I also heard him say “I want to save for a retirement house”.

And this dress allows both.

Stop 2 was to Macy’s. For a silk tie to match.


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