Step 2.


I wish I could say I did things in order but this is the next step I would take had I known about it.

Reasons: once your credit is clean, you can negotiate lower interest rates to start the credit card game….

Also, its weird and fun to see just HOW MANY ERRORS there are in your initial reports. They had me living @ a hotel where I had ordered a pizza once! They also had me living @ my ex-husband’s work! Woa!

1. go to (you may be entitled to a free report from all 3 reporting agencies)


2. choose your state from the pulldown (example-Texas)

3. Enter your personal information and address

4. Check only 1 credit report (unless you have never done before)-click Next

***TIP-you can continually monitor for free once you fix these every 4 months****

5. It will inform you that it will take you to TransUnion-Next

6. Answer the security questions

7. Scan it quickly and look for any red orange or yellow colors.

8. 35% of your FICO score is paying on time.

9. How to fix an error or explain a late payment:

10. At top of page click “dispute an error”

11. Click green “start”

12. Enter a username, password etc and click yes to terms of service

13. Allow the popup

14. Enter an email address and click on all the agreements below

15. They will then email you the form to dispute.

16. Example-you can explain in simple terms why something was late.

“I usually pay this credit card on time, however, I was in the middle of moving, having surgery  etc. I contacted the credit card company and explained. I would like to have this removed from my credit report. Please make this statement a part of my permanent record.”

It works. I swear.

Even if you just forgot and were late, you can state “I now have my accounts on autopay and always pay on time. This late payment information is old and no longer reflects how I pay my bills…”

17. At the top of the page click “return to”

18. You may have to re-enter your name address etc…

19. Choose Experian

20. Next

21. Continue

22. Check your file and look for disputes like before

23. Go back to and re-enter your information

24. Choose Equifax-Next

25. Look for errors and fix


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