Step 1. Make the spreadsheet that won’t lie

I had to face this.

Or die trying.

I made a spreadsheet.

It looked like this:

Who I owe/  Type  Account#/  Full amount  /Amount paid  /Amount left  /Interest rate

Bank              Car             1234444       34,000                    1,000           33,000          12.5%

Mort              House       8254652         90,000                   4,000          86,000          8.5%

Store         Credit Card  364898       7,400                                   0             7,400         17.5%

And so on…


It was a BIG spreadsheet.

I summed what I owed. It was well over $100,000.

I did one of the hardest parts.

I faced the truth.

And cried.

And prayed.

And began to plan….




One thought on “Step 1. Make the spreadsheet that won’t lie

  1. This is one of the hardest/biggest steps because you’re right the numbers don’t lie. I actually just posted my own excel spreadsheet and my heart hurt a little. Start slow, taking one step at time and breathing. Always remembering to laugh. Laughter is free and the best kind of medicine. I hope we both can see our way out of this and will someday have a bright debt free future. I’m rooting for you! – D

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